About TRIM EAST & Andrea Hall 

Trim East was not even an idea in my mind when I was putting in orders for THM friendly products from western Canada.  I simply wanted to purchase good quality products to support my new approach to eating.  That all changed after a simple e-mail and an invitation to consider becoming the reseller of THM products in the Atlantic Canada region. After much prayer and consideration with my husband, Wesley, “TRIM EAST” was born.

I have been on an almost life long quest to drop extra weight.  I didn’t consider myself obese, but for my 5’3” frame I needed to drop 35-40 lbs to obtain better health.  I had found a program that was doable for me and gave amazing support, but I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted after a year.  I “cheated” occasionally, but was faithful to my appointments.  Finally in Feb of 2015 I joined a 100 Day Challenge, through this same program, to give up sugar and tweak any bad habits that may have slipped in. That was the game changer.  After my first 25 days off sugar I wanted to “cheat” and I decided that if I was going to do this it was going to be the THM kind of cheat – at least that is what I thought in my mind.  Enter MIM (Muffin In A Mug).  I always thought that sweets, whether desserts or treats, WERE cheats. How could it be possible that something sweet was actually good for me? But to my delight it was!!! From that time on there was no looking back!

A full year before this challenge I was  introduced to THM by a friend who was looking fabulous and shared her story of finding Trim Healthy Mama and her love of skinny chocolate.  Intrigued I went home and looked up THM online and was amazed at the information I found.  I joined the THM Beginners group on Facebook, purchased the book and then just sat back, read and observed.  I read testimony after testimony about women all over North America, every shape and size, that were having success and I started to believe that perhaps I could also.

In just 5 months I dropped 35 lbs and went from a very snug size 11-10/Lg to a size 6/S.  Joint pain greatly reduced, inflammation gone with blood work as proof and severe mood swings all but eliminated!  Does it get any better than that?  Yes it does! Confidence gained, renewed hope in better health and I will never get tired of hearing my husband call me “skinny.”

The THM way of eating is a healthy, proven way of eating and my hope for everyone purchasing from Trim East is to provide you with quality products that will help you on the road to good health and finding your own kind of skinny!